Jedes Jahr ein neues Land

Anfang Jahr (2013) wurde ich von einer Freundin zu einem Gedanken animiert. Sie hat sich vorgenommen jedes Jahr mindestens ein neues Land zu besuchen. Dabei kann es sich um ein verlängertes Wochenende oder auch um eine längere Reise handeln. Ich nehme an, dass es gilt wenn man den Flughafen verlassen hat (Umsteigen gilt nicht) und more »

PSY – GENTLEMAN + explanation

PSY, the Korean Rapper known from the Number One Youtube-Hit “Gangnam Style” published his second song on the 13th of April. On first sight the video clip is even more confusing than the previous clip. A female Korean blogger who calls herself “Professor Oh” explains some elements of the music video like the locations, famous people more »

Grammar Explained

I’ve been struggling with the right usage of “to” and “too” lately (probably since I write in english). explains the right usage of the two words very easy. I hope that I’ll be able to use those words in a correct way. To or Too? | Grammar Explained. I had similar problems with the more »

Lighting for videoconferencing

Lately I had a lot of videoconferences, which is due to a project I’m working on at the moment. I had them in various places like the office, meeting rooms, from home or just at random places where I happened to be. Light always seemed to be an issue. Since I’m not the only one more »

Facebook Profile Banner Size

I’ve been searching the web to find information on banner sizes for Facebook. Most results I got from Google where discussion forums, where people argued about the accuracy of the sizes for graphics on Facebook. Randy Plett, published a good article on his blog which answers the questions with a good graphic and extensive explanation more »

Ride to San Francisco

I’m not a fan of bikes myself, but this video caught my attention. Aaron Williams took a ride on a sunny day and captured some fantastic views which got me goose bumps. Aaron has some other nice videos on his YouTube-Profile around San Francisco.   YouTube Profile: Aaron Williams

Songs about San Francisco

The city by the bay seems to inspire many artists to write songs about their affection to San Francisco. Given my irrational love for San Francisco, I must admit that any song which is dedicated to this place gains a few rangs in the list just by the choice of the subject. I found some more »

Korean Food – Bibimbab (비빔밥)

Bibimbab is one of my favourite Korean dishes. It consists of a mix of different ingredients served in one bowl. I never prepared it myself, cause it takes some time and many different ingredients: Ground Beef Korean Radish Side-dish (Moosaengchae) Kimchi Bean Sprout Gosari Carrot, Zucchini, Cucumber, Onion Lettuce Green Onion Egg Dried Seaweed Cooked Rice

Korean Food – Kimchi

When people talk about Korean food, one of of the first dishes which are mentioned always is Kimchi (김치). Kimchi is omnipresent when it comes to Korean food. There’s almost no meal, where Koreans don’t add any Kimchi. Sometimes it’s just a side dish and in other occasion it’s the main ingredient of the meal. more »