PSY – GENTLEMAN + explanation

PSY, the Korean Rapper known from the Number One Youtube-Hit “Gangnam Style” published his second song on the 13th of April. On first sight the video clip is even more confusing than the previous clip. A female Korean blogger who calls herself “Professor Oh” explains some elements of the music video like the locations, famous people more »

Korean Food – Bibimbab (비빔밥)

Bibimbab is one of my favourite Korean dishes. It consists of a mix of different ingredients served in one bowl. I never prepared it myself, cause it takes some time and many different ingredients: Ground Beef Korean Radish Side-dish (Moosaengchae) Kimchi Bean Sprout Gosari Carrot, Zucchini, Cucumber, Onion Lettuce Green Onion Egg Dried Seaweed Cooked Rice

Korean Food – Kimchi

When people talk about Korean food, one of of the first dishes which are mentioned always is Kimchi (김치). Kimchi is omnipresent when it comes to Korean food. There’s almost no meal, where Koreans don’t add any Kimchi. Sometimes it’s just a side dish and in other occasion it’s the main ingredient of the meal. more »

Learn about Korea – Confucius & Korean Confucianism

It feels like almost every cultural behaviour in Korea can be traced back to the teachings of Confucius (孔丘 KÇ’ng QiÅ«). Confucius was a Chinese teacher and philosopher who lived 2’500 years ago and still has more influence on eastern Asian culture than anyone else claims to have. The philosophy of Confucius emphasised personal and governmental morality, correctness of social more »

Learn about Korea – Korean age

Soon after I started to learn Hangul and some Korean words, I stumbled over a site called which is specialized on teaching Korean over the internet. I’ll write more about their language courses in another post. So far I spent more time watching their videos about Korean culture, than the ones dealing with the language more »

How to learn Korean – Vocabulary

After I reached the point where I thought that I somehow mastered Hangul (the Korean alphabet) I tried to learn some Korean words. Unlike with other languages I know (German, Italian, French and English) there was no chance to affiliate known words to the ones I learn in the Korean language. So I decided to more »

How to learn Korean – Hangul

Last October I decided to learn some Korean, again. I made this “decision” already multiple times, but I never succeeded. This time I was more motivated to make the first step. I did some research and there are multiple ways to start a language. I decided to start learning how to read Hangul. Hangul is more »