How to learn Korean – Hangul

Last October I decided to learn some Korean, again. I made this “decision” already multiple times, but I never succeeded. This time I was more motivated to make the first step. I did some research and there are multiple ways to start a language. I decided to start learning how to read Hangul. Hangul is the Korean alphabet.

I stated with a small iPhone app called “Korean Letters” which was perfect to study Hangul on my commute to work or before falling asleep at night. It took me two weeks to memorize the most common letters and another week to get a sense of all of them. The result was that I was able to rear (very slowly) a Korean text, but had no idea what it means.

At least for me it was a good start to learn how to read Hangul, so I could read the words in the original writing and not having to use the Korean romanization (system for representing the Korean language using Latin script)

Korean Letters (iPhone / iPad)
Wikipedia on Korean romanization



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