How to learn Korean – Vocabulary

After I reached the point where I thought that I somehow mastered Hangul (the Korean alphabet) I tried to learn some Korean words. Unlike with other languages I know (German, Italian, French and English) there was no chance to affiliate known words to the ones I learn in the Korean language. So I decided to do what I alway hated: Flash Cards. Obviously I didn’t feel like writing hundreds of  words on small pieced of paper and carry them with me. So I did what makes almost everything more fun, I looked for a iPhone/iPad app to solve the problem. I tried several applications which didn’t convince me. Some where to boring, some to fancy and others didn’t really work.
Soon I found The application “WordPower – Korean Vocabulary”.

The free version offers a basic set of words consisting of the “Top 100” words. They are divided into several categories like Basic Expressions, Food, Nature and some more. Learning those 100 words, helped me to build up some vocabulary, improve my reading skills and get a sense for the Korean language.

The paid version unlocks eight additional lessons which should lead to an “Lower Intermediate” level.

iPhone/iPad: WordPower – Korean Vocabulary

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