Visit Seoul – 21 Hotspots to see

With more than 10 Million inhabitants (Source: Wikipedia) Seoul is without a doubt a mega city. Like every city it offers various attractions to see. This time the guys from put together a list of the 21 places to visit in Seoul.

Some of the places I’ve seen and some not. I’ll try to give my insights about the places I’ve seen so far.

Dongdaemun Market (동대문시장) – I personally don’t like Dongdaemun that much. I’ve been there two or three times and I always left with empty hands and a hint of disappointment. The opening hours of the indoor and outdoor places are still a mystery to me. If somebody can explain them to me, please leave a comment.  The thing I don’t like about the shopping malls around Dongdaemun is that they are ridiculously packed with mostly cheap imitations from designer clothes. The huge amount of clothe and pushy sales people doesn’t bring me into the mood to buy something.

Hongdae (홍대) – I’ve been in Hongdae on several occasions  but only experienced it by night the last time I’ve been there in February. Like the rest of Seoul it is very busy and crowded most of the time. I like the small streets with the cute shops. Most of the shops seemed to be independent stores run by the people working there. Unlike most of the other areas, where huge chains like Starbucks plant one shop after the other. One of the shops which we stayed in the longest was called Pollala Museum. It’s something between a Museum (not everything is for sale and we had to pay an entrance fee) and a Shop where they sell all kinds of Toys, Anime memorabilia, posters etc. I’ll post a separate blog post about the Pollala Museum one of these days.
Hongdae also offers a lot for the thirsty and the hungry. There are streets where they specialize on Coffee Shops (countless of small and medium coffee shops in a row) and Food. One of the streets we’ve seen, seemed to be specialised on Samgyopsal (type of Korean BBQ)

Gangnam Station (강남역) – I went to Gangnam a few times so far. Before and after it got famous due to the popular song from a Korean rapper called PSY.
During the day the area seems to be a normal business district with lots of people going to or leaving from work. At night life gets more busy and the countless bars and restaurants get crowded. The places are more fancy and expensive in Gangnam.

Itaewon (이태원) – I haven’t seen as many foreigners in Seoul as I’ve seen them in Itaewon. This part of the city seems to attract all kinds of people from around the world, when they feel the need to see some foreigners. The nightlife in Itaewon is different from the rest of Korea, and that makes it much more accessible for foreigners. The first time I’ve been there we went to a club called B1. There are many US soldiers who are based in Seoul to spend their nights there. We also noticed that the girls seem to be very attracted by the foreign soldiers.

N Seoul Tower (남산타워) – Namsan Tower is one of the must-been tourist attractions in Seoul. Located in the middle of the north part of the city. Namsan Tower is a communication and observation tower. Since it offers a great view on Seoul the place is always very crowded.

21 Hotspots: Where to Go in Seoul and How to Get There | Seoulistic – Korea Simplified.

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